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Microsoft names Mariana Castro as the new Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations for Latin America (554 hits)
Microsoft announced the appointment of Mariana Castro, as the new Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations for Latin America, after Paula Bellizia announced her interest to pursue new personal endeavors. MarianaCastroColor_2015-small-683x ...
Posted Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 1:35PM
by: Maria L Moncada | post comment
Serving His Country and Community Through Allyship (519 hits)
Once a Marine, always a Marine. I served five years in the 5th Battalion, 11th Marines as a platoon sergeant and martial arts instructor with two tours in Afghanistan. Today, if I meet another Marine, we automatically connect. It’s like a magnet, we’ ...
Posted Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 1:33PM
by: Maria L Moncada | post comment
Empowering Community Through Education (529 hits)
I am a proud Mexican American woman. I grew up in a rural town in California’s Central Valley where 80 percent of the population is first-generation Mexican American or Mexican. But as close as I am to my roots and my heritage, I struggled with not feeling Latina enough ...
Posted Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 1:32PM
by: Maria L Moncada | post comment
Bringing Latina Tenacity to STEM (506 hits)
“In order to be respected in life, you have to be either a doctor or a lawyer.” That is what my parents always told me as a little girl growing up in Cuba. But when we moved to Los Angeles, as a teenager I ran into nothing but doubt when I said ...
Posted Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 1:30PM
by: Maria L Moncada | post comment
Empowered and Inspired to Do Good (226 hits)
What do I love about being Latinx? We bring passion to everything we do! Since I was born and raised in Venezuela and then immigrated to the United States where I lived in Miami, Florida, I have always been surrounded by my heritage. Growing up, ...
Posted Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 1:22PM
by: Maria L Moncada | post comment
Finding Our Purpose Through Community (284 hits)
“I’m not the right fit for this job,” I explained to the hiring manager. Although the Community Development Specialist position seemed like my ideal job, I panicked when I found out I was pregnant. If I wanted to raise a family, I thought I couldn’t ...
Posted Friday, October 23rd 2020 at 1:19PM
by: Maria L Moncada | post comment
Featured Microsoft Employee - Unapologetically Himself, Authentic and an Ally to All! (556 hits)
This year, Hispanic Heritage Month takes on a whole new meaning with everything going on in the world. It has put a spotlight on my identity, prompting me to dissect what it really means to be Latinx. As a queer Afro-Dominican, that exercise has been energizing and empowering. ...
Posted Thursday, October 22nd 2020 at 10:08PM
by: Will Moss | post comment
Microsoft Partners with Trabajamos to Recruit Latinx Professionals (1859 hits)
On Wednesday, November 18th, 2020, Microsoft and HBCUCONNECT.COM are partnering to host a special virtual hiring event. Make sure to join us if you are a Software Engineer or Program Manager interested in full-time careers with the Microsoft Azure Data Organization. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the team and Microsoft at large. ...
Posted Thursday, October 22nd 2020 at 9:34PM
by: Will Moss | post comment
Art Bridges Foundation forms board of directors with visionary arts and philanthropy leaders (4156 hits)
Art Bridges, a new foundation dedicated to expanding access to American art across the country, has assembled a roster of industry leaders for its board of directors. Founded by patron of the arts and philanthropist Alice Walton, Art Bridges st ...
Posted Tuesday, April 21st 2020 at 8:44PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Nashville Tornado Relief Donation (3067 hits)
Donate online Thank you for thinking of Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area. Your generosity is so appreciated. And your donation to Music City Inc. will quickly go to impacted people with ...
Posted Tuesday, April 14th 2020 at 5:28PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Feeding Mississippians impacted by Easter tornadoes is personal for Coast volunteer (3188 hits)
By Meggan Gray | April 14, 2020 at 9:58 AM CDT - Updated April 14 at 12:17 PM WALTHALL COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - James Edward Bates is known across South Mississippi for his volunteer efforts, often helping to feed people in disaster-stricken areas ...
Posted Tuesday, April 14th 2020 at 5:14PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Tax Returns & Estimated Taxes Now Due July 15 (3924 hits)
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the federal income tax filing due date is automatically extended from April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020. Taxpayers can also defer federal income tax payments due on April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020, without penalti ...
Posted Monday, April 13th 2020 at 2:30PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Battelle CCDS Critical Care Decontamination System™ Services Now Available at No Charge (4307 hits)
Federal Contract Awarded to Battelle to Operate CCDSTM Nationwide Results in Elimination of “Per Mask Charge” to Healthcare Providers COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 10, 2020)—Battelle announced that its decontamination services for N95 respirator masks wil ...
Posted Monday, April 13th 2020 at 2:21PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Oakwood Students Supply Hand Sanitizer During Shortage (2930 hits)
Before leaving Oakwood's campus three weeks ago, students in Associate Professor Steven Lai Hing's research class in the Department of Chemistry suspended their semester projects and threw themselves into executing a WHO (World Health Organizatio ...
Posted Thursday, April 9th 2020 at 11:47AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
My Powershift Live Tour Experience kicks off in early March - and I’m counting down the days. I’m going across the country to teach people exactly how to make their own powershifts and achieve the success they’ve been dreaming of. At each stop, I’ll ...
Posted Tuesday, February 25th 2020 at 5:18PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Hyundai Motor America Welcomed Brigadier General Charles E. McGee For Black History Month Program (3425 hits)
>McGee was honored at Super Bowl 54 and participated in the coin toss >McGee served as keynote speaker during this month's town hall event at Hyundai Motor America >McGee was honored during the 51st NAACP Image Awards NEWS PROVIDED BY ...
Posted Saturday, February 22nd 2020 at 11:36AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
What is Oolong Tea and What Benefits Does it Have? (2720 hits)
Oolong tea represents only 2% of the world's tea, but it's well-worth discovering (1 Trusted Source). It combines the qualities of dark and green teas, giving it several interesting health benefits. For example, it may boost metabolism and redu ...
Posted Friday, February 21st 2020 at 9:36AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Win $300 Cash from Rucker Roots! (1646 hits)
It's Time For A Rucker Roots Giveaway! Hey Beauties! Have you heard? We're giving one lucky winner $300 in CASH on March 1st. The rules of this giveaway are simple. How It Works: Follow Rucker Roots on Instagram. Like the photo above on ou ...
Posted Thursday, February 20th 2020 at 12:00PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
California State University, San Marcos is hiring. Here are some details on the City, and College! (1059 hits)
10 Reasons to Live in San Marcos 1. Strong Local and Regional Economy San Marcos enjoys a low unemployment rate and is one of the fastest growing cities in San Diego County. Its low crime rate and strong commitment to promote economic developm ...
Posted Wednesday, February 19th 2020 at 2:11PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Best time to eat oranges (2521 hits)
The citrusy and spirited orange may not be the first decision of organic product for breakfast, however, it beyond any doubt comes a nearby second to apples and bananas, and drinking its juice absolutely upsets the condition. Not at all like differen ...
Posted Wednesday, February 19th 2020 at 10:35AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Courtship And Purity - How To Not Have Intercourse During Courtship (6298 hits)
How Not To Have Sex During Courtship, Walking In Purity relationship advice ▶ Subscribe for more videos! ▶ Support On Patreon Today we're joining the conversation on the top ...
Posted Tuesday, February 18th 2020 at 12:10PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Be a source of dance, love, laughter, and healing on this Valentine's Day! (6271 hits)
We all have wants. What we want may not be what is good for us. When you think of a person who you are attracted to, from here on into the future, just go with the flow. Just wish them happiness. If he or she is giving their time to someone ...
Posted Friday, February 14th 2020 at 9:29AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Call for Support: The ROTC (715 hits)
When were you introduced to the ROTC? Take a moment to gain a clear description of the Americans who are ROTC. : *My coworker was voted "Miss ROTC" when she attended college and ...
Posted Saturday, February 1st 2020 at 7:03PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Presented by Citi & Lenovo Instagram: @universalmusicgroup Twitter: @UMG #MusicIsUniversal Sir Lucian Grainge’s 2020 Artist Showcase gave music and entertainment industry leaders highly coveted seats to intimate performances by some of UMG’s hottest established and breaking talent. P ...
Posted Sunday, January 26th 2020 at 10:06AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Body Con (2946 hits)
Looking for ways to start your day? How about a sip on something warm accompanied with some Essential Oils! Today we mxed up a cup of Ovaltine and honey; The warm liquids are easy on our insides. The body is warm inside so keep the party goi ...
Posted Thursday, January 23rd 2020 at 11:15AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
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